Buttercup Beauty


5/5 stars

Emmy has incredible attention to detail and worked wonders on my overgrown brows. I am always a little hesitant when having someone new do my brows but she is wonderful, experienced and talented. I would highly recommend Emmy to anyone looking for those perfect buttercup brows.

Colleen K. December 19, 2017

On Point Girl!

I went out the night I got my eyebrows done and was complimented by about five different strangers. The funniest was a random male walking down the street. He stopped me to say, “I’m sorry, but I had to stop you and tell you your eyebrows are on point girl!”
Jen J.

Jen J. Waunakee, Wisconsin January 24, 2017

Professional and Personable

Haley mad me feel comfortable with dermaplaning right away.  She truly was a delightful, confident, and sweet aesthetician.


Stephanie April 11, 2018

Miracle Worker

Emmy is a miracle worker. I let my brows grow out for 3 week’s before my visit so she could reshape. She did an amazing job. The eye tint looks awesome and the whole process was the most painless brow experience I’ve ever had. William definitely be going back.

Katie W. March 10, 2018

I love it!

My skin feels so good! I love it, left your cards in the studio. I already can’t wait to see you next time.
-Oksana Jager, IMG model

Oksana Jager New York, NY April 21, 2017