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Get the brows of your dreams with Microblading

(Beauty gurus are obsessed with this treatment, and I’m bringing it here!  Yippee!)

I would like to introduce you to a new, semi-permanent solution to having the eyebrows of your dreams.  It’s called Microblading- and trust me, it is awesome.  A few other names for this eyebrow embroidery, micro stroking, 3D brows, and feather touch.

I’ve done so much research on this technique and have scouted the top training facility, so next month I’m headed to sunny San Diego for a week of intense training! EEEK!

So, if you’re wondering what all the buzz is about, Microblading involves a technique of drawing individual, crisp hair strokes with a cosmetic eyebrow dye.  It gives the most natural and realistic- hair like volume to brows that are uneven, sparse, or thin.  Unlike regular permanent makeup or tattooing, it is performed with a hand tool rather than a machine and doesn’t go as deep into the skin. 

The details:  Your first appointment may take up to two hours.  After applying a numbing cream, and mapping out your new brows- you will walk away with a bit of pinkness, and the color will be a bit darker until it settles and heals in a week.  Cost is around $400, and after a follow-up visit, it will last one to three years.

The prestigious training I am doing has strict guidelines for safety and quality so I will be doing a lot of pre and post work before offering the service. I’m thrilled to say micro needling will be available soon at Buttercup Beauty!!