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My Lashes Are Lifted- 3 Reasons You’ll Love This Service Too!

When Taj, licensed esthetician,  joined our team, she brought along her amazing Lash Lifting skills. Excited to try the treatment myself. I quickly scheduled an appointment.  I have never felt the desire to get lash extensions, partially because my lashes are on the longer side to begin with, but also due to the time commitment and maintenance they require.  What I love most about Lash Lifting service brings me to my first point:

  1. Lash Lifting and Tinting is a one-hour service that lasts 6-8 weeks, sometimes up until 12.  The result is darker, longer looking lashes with doe-eyed shaping of a Disney Princess.  Compare this to a lash extension service, where you can become a slave to your lashes.  Typically, after the 2 to 3-hour initial appointment, a “fill” is required every 2-3 weeks.  I have even witnessed people requiring a fill every 1 week.
  2. Lash lifting is a service that improves your Natural lashes (not harming them).  No false lashes glued and weighing down your precious real lashes.  You can still rub your eyes when you have an itch, go in the steam room, and still wear mascara without worrying about damaging your investment. (after 24 hours)
  3. You can wake up and go without makeup.  I normally wear mascara every. single. day.  But, after my Ellebana One Shot Lash Lift, I actually felt comfortable to go to work without it and then hang out in the boat with a bunch of my husband’s guy friends.  It took the “tired” look out of my eyes, and when I do wear mascara they definitely have VaVoom without using my curler.  No, it doesn’t have the same dramatic impact as lash extensions, but in my opinion, it is a more naturally beautiful option.

Check out my before and after shot!  Taj is available for lash lifting & tinting ($95), microblading, brow design, and waxing Mondays and Thursdays 11 -6. You’re going to love her!